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Accelerate Retirement Savings with a Cash Balance Plan

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A Cash Balance Plan may be a perfect retirement vehicle for you if ...

  • ✓   You are a business owner, partner of a firm or sole proprietor
  • ✓   You are looking to deduct $100,000+ annually on your taxes
  • ✓   You want to significantly accelerate and grow your retirement savings
  • ✓   Your annual income is $250,000+
  • ✓   Your business or practice produces steady predictable income
  • ✓   Your business has fewer than 15 employees per owner or partner

Are you getting the Most out of Your Retirement Savings Strategy?

If you have not incorporated a Cash Balance Plan along with your 401(k) Plan you can be missing out on larger tax deductions and accelerated retirement savings.

Tax Deductions as high as $398,000 each year resulting in tax savings of up to $179,100 annually.*

What is a Cash Balance Plan?

A cash balance plan is an IRS-qualified (tax-favored) retirement plan that helps business owners gain the benefit of large deductions and accelerated retirement savings in some cases four- to five-times greater than a 401(k) Plan alone.

How does a Cash Balance Plan work?

A Cash Balance Plan can be added in combination with a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan to maximize contribution levels and optimize tax efficiency for business owners.

*based on 2019 Cash Balance Plan Contribution Limits and assumes a 45% tax bracket, varies by state. Taxes are deferred on Retirement Savings.

Seven key benefits of Cash Balance Plans:

  • Reducing taxes: Business owners can save significantly on corporate and personal taxes.
  • Accelerating retirement savings: Many owners can triple or even quadruple their pre-tax retirement savings.
  • Attracting and retaining top talent: Adding a Cash Balance Plan can make a firm’s retirement package much more appealing to future partners and employees.
  • Easy to understand: Unlike traditionally complex defined benefit plans, Cash Balance Plans offer clarity with individual participant accounts and statements.
  • Flexibility: Not everyone needs to participate in a Cash Balance Plan. Different contribution amounts can be specified for different participants or groups.
  • Portability: Participants can roll over their Cash Balance accounts into an IRA or another qualified plan.
  • Asset protection: Cash Balance Plan assets are protected from creditors in the event of bankruptcy or lawsuits.

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About the Yvars Group 401(k) & Cash Balance Plan Services

The David J. Yvars Group consists of a full-service team of specialist dedicated to providing expertise and collaboration in the areas of group retirement plan consulting.

The David J. Yvars Group offers plan sponsors a variety of retirement plan options. We have no proprietary "in-house" 401(k) & Cash Balance Plan products, therefore no conflicts of interest. Instead, we provide independent, objective advice. Our process focuses on you and your business, tailoring solutions that meet your needs and those of your employees.