The David J. Yvars Group - Building Wealth for Generations

Our Philosophy

Your life is about reaching for your goals and aspirations. We're about creating the solutions that lead to them. We understand that much of your time is focused on balancing your multiple successes with your responsibilities. That's why we make it simple for you to rely on a single source for your professional advisory needs...all in an effort to allow you to live your life to the fullest.

Money means different things to different people. Each of us has different dreams.

You may want to achieve financial freedom so that you never have to work again - even if you plan on working the rest of your life. You may want to make a top-flight college education possible for your children or grandchildren. You might want to provide the seed capital that will give your children or grandchildren a great start in life, whether that's with a home or a business. You may dream of a vacation home on the beach or in the mountains. Or you may have achieved tremendous success throughout your career and want to leave behind an enduring legacy that will enable your favorite charity to continue its work.

Whatever your dreams are, you need a framework for making wise decisions about your money that will help enable you to achieve all that is important to you. Chances are good that you have a wide range of financial goals, as well as diverse challenges.

Common sense tells us that such a broad range of issues requires a broad comprehensive outlook. It's for this reason that most affluent clients want their financial advisors to help them with more than just investments. They want real wealth management - a complete approach to addressing their entire financial lives.

When investing for our clients, our goal is to both create and preserve wealth. Profiling, planning, diversification are the building blocks of our relationship because we have seen that they enable us to better assist our clients in reaching their financial goals.

We know through our experience and expertise that the markets can be a priceless benefit to any individual over the course of a lifetime. To help reach the destination, we must observe risk, consider market volatility and look for new trends and investment opportunities. This is why our daily efforts entail matching the desired level of return with the level of risk for each and every client.